Artisan furniture. Remarkable Italian design. Exclusive leather, wood and marble material

Historical company

A period of almost 50 years of presence on the market and two generations have brought Ulivi Salotti to become one of the worldwide known Italian brands, famous for its unique design, remarkable quality and sartorial skills. The brand is born in 1972 in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, Tuscany.

Remarkable design

Ulivi Salotti portrays unique contemporary style based on Tuscan art, culture and tradition, special set of colors and exclusive choice of materials that distinguishes the brand from others.

Unlike companies with industrial production, Ulivi Salotti products are created solely by skilled artisans where attention is paid to every detail, excellence and production flexibility. 

Luxurious & Exclusive Materials

Careful selection of materials (wood, marble and leather) & colors in combination with handcraft skills makes Ulivi Salotti products unique and inimitable.

All types of leather are made with ‘’vegetable tanning’’ method, process that does not use any chemicals and gives leather a young appearance. Unique color transparency is achieved thanks to the usage of plant extracts of mimosa tree bark or chestnut. All types of leather like Nabuk, Kashmir, Grasse, Tuscany etc. are of European origin. 

All wooden parts are made of American ash, walnut and other essences with a special attention given to finishes that gives warmth and sophisticated look.

ULIVI collection

Via S. Ilario Sud, 109, 22 – 56021 Cascina (PI)