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Ragno – FIAM


Ragno – the only monolithic table in existence – is a Vittorio Livi masterpiece that defines the history of design. Internationally recognized and proudly on display at our Alba Showroom. GENIUS

Ghost – FIAM

Immerse yourself in innovation with an armchair crafted entirely from glass, a triumph of technology and design by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayaka. Winner of the prestigious Compasso d’oro alla Carriera in 2022. SENZA PAROLE


Echo Showcase – FIAM


Marvel at the ethereal beauty of Marcel Wenders’ creation, selected by ADI 2024—a true delight for the senses. INSPIRATIONAL

Cobra – FIAM

Who knew an umbrella stand could be so captivating? Elio Vigna’s Cobra is a testament to inspired creativity, now showcased at our Alba Showroom. POISONING

VIS A VIS – Kreoo


Discover the elegance of Enzo Berti’s design, available in six exquisite types of marble—a visual meditation in every form. MEDITATION

OASI – Kreoo

Enzo Berti’s garden centerpiece beckons with its captivating forms and materials—a refreshing infinite sign. REFRESHING INFINITE


TAO – Kreoo


Elevate your bathroom to a realm of elegance with Marco Piva’s stunning creation—an embodiment of pure sophistication. ELEGANTE

Kalende – Kreoo

can a marble table look light? A piece that can be the witness of the development of an entire family and going throughout generations! Enzo Berti design! FAMILIA MIA


Patricia Luxury – Ulivi Salotti


More than an armchair—a bold statement of refined luxury with top-quality leather and gold accents, designed by Castello Lagavrinese. RED CARPET

Daniel – Ulivi Salotti

Italian artisan mastery at its finest—a must-have sofa adorned with captivating capitonne handiwork from every angle. MAESTRO


Ceasar Large


Because sleep matters—indulge in the luxury of the Ceasar Large bed, where you are the center of comfort. IMPERATORE

YANN Toilette – Ulivi Salotti

Let every lady feel extraordinary with this timeless vanity table that complements any interior style. ONE & ONLY


LOVE TV – Ulivi Salotti


Experience nostalgia in modern form with a blend of leather and wood—a true homage to cherished memories. THE GRANMOTHER’S CHOICE

Bristol Bar – ALIVAR

A modern fusion with antique charm—a Giuseppe Bavuso design that defines luxurious living. CHAMPAGNE


Bombay – Alivar


a baule that evokes the “grandeur” of colonialism! An accessory of refined manufacturing with a sophisticated combination of materials to meets the requirements of exclusive tastes. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. COLONIAL

Tucroma chair – I 4 MARIANI

An enduring classic by Guido Feleschini, still captivating hearts since 1971—a timeless addition to any space. EVER GREEN


Tucroma bed – I 4 MARIANI


the bed of the stars! Part of Tucroma collection by Guido Feleschini, this bed has been showcased by Lenny Kravitz in his Architectural Digest photoshoot. SLEEPING LIKE A STAR

Arko K – Limited Edition FLOS

one of the most renown floor lamps of all times by Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962! Now in LIMITED EDITION with the crystal base. Available at Alba Showroom. LIMITED EDITION


Kathleen – FIAM


inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s elegance—a mirror that reflects timeless beauty by Davide Oppizzi. AUDREY

Bordone – My Home Collection

embrace innovation with the Bordone sofa—a modern retreat designed to transcend time and trends. LET’S RELAX