We believe that a great part of the pleasure of investing in furniture is the possibility to choose among materials that make the our products unique.
Every stone, wood and leather has its own story that combined with the artistry and
expertise of our producers give form to real masterpieces.
In Alba we are very proud of such selection and the choices of materials we can provide.
It is part of what makes as unique in the market!


It all starts from the stone selection!

It requires experience and negotiation skills!

Our stones are mainly procured in Italy, Spain and South America with a wide range of marble, slate or onyx.
From the block of stone there is the lengthy cutting procedure to prepare the right piece for the product curving and preparation. This process involve heavy machines and can last more than a week and lots of water to guarantee the optimal preparation of the slabs for the carving process and the final finishing made by hands.
The ideal selection of the product would be to visit the factory and choose the material rather than selecting it though samples.
Believe me it is worth visiting!
With real stones each product is Unique!


Here comes another key material that can make the products luxurious!

We mainly enjoy the essences of American walnut and Ash that exalts the mastery of our carpenters. The effects of real wood finely levigated is a sensorial experience!
Something you never get tired of watching!
You should come and visit us to have a taste of these emotions!
Not to mention that we have an exclusive selection of prestigious parquets! We have some solutions that will leave you without breath… Pure art that only Italian masters can create!


Leather is a chapter “per se”.

First and foremost the tanning process/ the leather preparation!We use the lengthy vegetale method where hides are placed in barrels using extracts such as chestnut or mimosa tree. Instead of chemicals, this process creates fine leathers that look lively and and guarantee color transparency. Even the usage and the aging process makes these leather fascinating.One more important trait that makes our product unique: the colours!
Our colours selection is unique and cannot be found from other producers.
We have a wide range of samples in our Showroom and it is a real sensorial experience!

Let us entertain you!


Here, we could not find unique glass since in the end they are all made of send, limestone and sodium carbonate!
Than we found the first and the most innovative company in the world to prepare unique pieces of furniture made of glass.
Vittorio Live from Pesaro/Italy – like myself – is simply a genius: the first to think and use glass to make furniture! Just to mention that one of his products, the armchair Ghost was exposed at the Corning Museum of New York.
Can you imagina an armchair of one unique piece of glass and it is comfortable?
We have it!
Better that I leave to this video and to Vittorio to explain the art of Glass! Watch the video!
… and one more thing: let’s go meeting him!