My grandfather Giovanni Pucci with a business partner in 1965

My grandfather Giovanni Pucci with a business partner in 1965

Alba Dominante story is the story of my Family and the city of Pesaro!

64 years of experience, passion, ideas, experiments, projects and sales of Furniture and home solutions throughout 3 generations.

In 1959 in the years of the Italian “economical miracle” my grandfather – Giovanni Pucci – driven by the need and an indomitable will started the Agency activity selling and distributing furniture in several Italian regions. He soon focused on Puglia and Basilicata and he is still considered one of the pioneer of the sector.

Indeed in those times Pesaro was commencing its own economical transformation with several families starting up the manufacturing of furniture, until Pesaro became in the late 70s and 80s one of the major furniture district in Italy.

Considering the limited road infrastructure, serving Puglia and Basilicata – 600 kilometres south – was an adventure of 12-15 hours driving. And this gives a flavour of the strength and power of my Grandfather’s dream, character and vision. With no education – his major regret – he was able to create empathy and such a trust with his own clients that its business started soon to flourish and many Companies – that from artisans had become industries – were seeking his services and cooperation.

A family anecdote – often recalled with emotions by my mother and referred to his skills and attitude – tells about the furniture Fair in Pesaro, when he was lining up his clients and with the orders book in his hands was leading the line through different stands to see and purchase new products. At the end of the day the book was full of orders!


The business expansion required a more structured approach and soon my mother – Giannina – and uncles – Gilberto and Luigi – became involved in the family activity. 

In 1975 the Agency PUCCI & C was founded and it represents a cornerstone of the business evolution and the preparation of the business hand-over to the second generation.  


Followed investments in organisation, marketing and brand image: Administration and Project Development centred in the Headquarters in Pesaro – led by my mother – while my uncles were responsible of the Sales activity and the relationships with Suppliers. A great team work paved the road to many years of success.

My uncle Gilberto Pucci awarded in 1985

Giovanni Pucci in social events: the art of celebration

In 1978, a new evolution of my grandfather’s vision: handed over the Agency business to his children he founded in Pesaro the company TABLES to produce semifinished products for Furniture manufacturers. A new reality strictly tied and bond to the quality of materials and wood! The various essences were sniffed and the consistency of the wood and its seasoning were probed with quick glances, while great attention was directed to evaluating the grain, the knots and the targeted choices of use.

The Mastery and competence in the choice of timber were key to provide product excellency.

Thanks to Petar Skansi, at that time coach of the Scavolini basketball team, he entered in contact and started cooperation with major wood industries in Jugoslavia.

The 80s were years of the great expansion and Milan – “La Milano da bere!” – was the symbol of those years of great demand and easy spending… New ventures were flourishing and the Made in Italy style was booming driven by fashion brands and luxury cars. The furniture industry experienced a period of great wealth.

Both Pucci & C and Tables were growing and riding the wave of enthusiasm with a strong family team, a clear vision and a great portfolio of companies and clients. I remember very well the excitement of the times and the constant talks even during the night about about strategy and new opportunities.

In 1992 the sudden death of my grandfather at the age of 60, broke the working equilibrium of the family: my uncle Luigi took control of Tables while my uncle Gilberto and my mother continued the Agency business for a few more years. The crisis of the 90s and the drop of the internal demand accelerated the slow decline of both ventures.

In 2000 my uncle Gilberto alone continued to keep the passion alive with focus on Marche and Emilia Romagna regions in the retail and contract sectors.

And here I come…

I spent my youth breathing the air of commerce and the sawdust of wooden products. I still remember by heart the name of important clients and the name of the cities in which they operated in Puglia… I visited Fairs where I learned to appreciate the quality of products, the smell of different materials and the creativity of the Italian brands! But above all I was infected by the enthusiasm, the pleasure and the beauty of these marvellous products and the Furniture Industry.

My professional life took me on different roads and destinations, to learn skills, lead projects and meet people in different organisations, countries and industries…

Now, like a rope that is pulling me, it is time to GO Home and write another chapter of this story…

I owe it to my Family.

A new dawn

Maurizio Valla

With my mom Giannina Pucci at Salone del Mobile in 2018