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Exciting News: Invest in Timeless Furniture with Our Buy Back Option!


Discover the latest trend in furniture shopping that’s transforming the way you decorate your home. Today, purchasing furniture isn’t just about filling a space—it’s about making a lasting investment. Just like classic watches, or paintings certain furniture pieces transcend time, becoming cherished artefacts that can be treasured across generations. The best part? They retain their value!

At ALBA DOMINANTE, we firmly believe in the enduring value of quality furniture. That’s why we’re introducing our exclusive Buy Back Option. When you shop with us, you’re not only acquiring beautiful furniture; you’re making a strategic investment. Should you ever decide to refresh your interiors or simply want a change, we’re here for you. We’ll evaluate the condition of your furniture and extend a competitive market offer to buy it back.

Imagine the freedom of designing your home knowing that your furniture holds its worth. Experience peace of mind with our Buy Back Option, knowing that your investment is secure. Visit us today and explore our exquisite collection—where style meets lasting value.

Transform your home into a timeless sanctuary with ALBA DOMINANTE. Invest wisely, live beautifully.


Interior Design solutions

Here is where we prepared an exclusive experience that will be part of your memories enriching the pleasure of your living! We will help you in the whole process by working with you on selection of exclusive materials in our room of senses and combination of colors! Then you will have the opportunity to start living your dream house even before entering and all that through our presentation and renderings! It is a journey that you will like to experience again!


Furniture Selection

Everything starts with a dream!

We will design together the house of your dreams. Elegant, exclusive and tailor made to adjust to your habits and ambitions.

We can cooperate with your interior designer acting as a sounding Board or be actively involved in proposing our solutions developed by our architect with the support of Italian designers.

Italy with Italians

Finally for those who have ambitions and know how to enjoy life: Italy!

You will have the pleasure to visit Tuscany, Romagna and Veneto with an Italian guide. We will choose models and materials, see real artisans at work and of course and of course enjoying the beauty of the most amazing country in the world.