90 years of history have led Olivieri to become one of the leading company specialized in wardrobes

Historical company

The story of Olivieri begins back in 1908 when 9 years old founder Gregorio Olivieri showed his talents by making first solid wood. The love for furniture has led him to create first laboratory that was later a carpentry with 120 employees. The company continued with their success through generations, from Gregorio’s son Tullio and his wife who have developed new wood processing methods to be after inherited by his sons Cinzia, Marco and Enrica who have opened international market and started significant partnership with well-known designers and architects like: Carlo Colombo, Giuseppe Vigano, Enrico Cesana, Leone & Mazzari.

Today, Olivieri is known in 50 countries all over the world!

Remarkable quality and design

Modern design and collections of high production standards express all company values and have led Olivieri to become one of the leading companies specialized in wardrobes. Fine lines and finishes, attention to detail and so called in italian ‘tamburato’ door structure where the frame is made of solid wood and the filling of paper honeycomb make the door and whole structure light and durable over years and years.
Throughout time, Olivieri has expended its product offering and today one can find everything that is needed to furnish a whole house.

Dress code

In 2020, Dress code was born as an idea to create and offer to clients already prepared collections for the entire space by combining custom made Olivieri products and standard elements and thus creating impeccable, unified concept.
The concept was created with a goal to offer already prepared solutions by optimizing cost, quality and time.

OLIVIERI collection

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