Welcome to the realm of Alba Dominante where elegance and beauty transform into a statement of power and Influence.


Home is not only the center of our loves but also the source of Inspiration and ideas to lead our lives and dominate the daily events. Building Your Home is a journey! A jungle of decision: not only different models, but colours, materials and their different combinations.Easy to get lost and fatigued!
At Alba Dominante we will help you to make this journey memorable!

We will stimulate your senses with unique and luxurious materials: rich and exquisite leathers, unique pieces of marble, the warmth of prestigious woods and the magical effects of glass!
We will accompany you on amazing trip to Italy to meet the artisans that will craft your products, to hear their inspiring stories and perceive their passion.
You will taste the flavours and enjoy the beauty its regions!
Thanks to our extensive expertise in the Industry we have meticulously selected a group of unique Italian producers, who will serve Alba Dominante on exclusive basis in Serbia.

Let us entertain you and help You craft Your Environment!