We envisage settings that make bold statements, with atmospheres that can be interpreted through the dialogue

between our glass and new materials that accentuate its presence

A protagonist in world of glass

Fiam Italia srl was founded in 1973 by talented Vittorio Livi.The first company in the world to dedicate an entire collection to furnishing elements made entirely using the technique of bending sheet glass.

The genial idea that raised the attention of the most eminent designers and artist that would further help the company develop avant-garde techniques and offer unique furniture solutions.

World famous pieces

The evolution of design is further shown through the famous piece called The ghost, an armchair created in 1973 by designer Cini Boeri, first single block seat made of curved glass that has won numerous awards. And this is just the beginning of the collection of world renowned iconic pieces such as Onda pouf stool, Ragno table, Caadre mirror, Atlas coffee table, Echo showcase, some of which are today exhibited in most prestigious museums all over the world like Paris, New York, etc.

Collaboration with most renowned designers!

Numerous prestigious designers like Phillipe Starke, Marcel Wanders, Enzo Mari, Daniel Libeskind, Doriana Fuksas, etc. have became part of the journey and designed some of the marvelous glass pieces that would mark Italian design.

Fiam collection

Via Ancona 1b – San Germano, Tavullia (PU) 61010, Italy